Create Silompos Account

Here's how you would typically create user accounts for each of the SilomPOS apps, based on the information provided and common practices for POS systems:

1. SilomPOS (Main POS app):

  • No separate user creation within the app: The main SilomPOS app uses the account used to register for the SilomPOS service. This is usually the owner’s email address and serves as the primary administrator account.

2. Silom Dashboard (Web-based back office):

  • No separate user accounts: Access to the Silom Dashboard also uses the owner’s SilomPOS registration email and password.

3. Silom Staff Order (Staff Ordering app):

  • Owner/Manager Creates Staff Accounts: The owner or manager with administrative access creates individual accounts for each staff member through the SilomPOS main app or the Silom Dashboard.

    • This would involve setting a username (often their name or a designated staff ID) and a password.

    • The owner/manager can assign specific roles and permissions to each staff account, limiting access to sensitive functions like price changes or reporting.

4. Silom Display (Customer-facing display):

  • No user account needed: The Silom Display app is a passive display for customers and does not require any login or user account.

5. Silom CRM Lite for LINE Official:

  • Linked to LINE Official Account: This CRM feature is directly tied to your business’s LINE Official Account. You would manage customer information and interactions through the LINE Official Account management tools.

6. Silom KDS (Kitchen Display System – Coming Soon):

  • Likely managed through main app/dashboard: As this feature is not yet released, it’s likely that kitchen staff access and configurations would be managed by the owner/manager through the main SilomPOS app or the Silom Dashboard.

Important Points to Consider:

  • Centralized Account Management: SilomPOS favors a centralized account management system, where the owner’s primary account controls access and permissions for other apps or users.

  • Security: Strong passwords, two-factor authentication (if available), and regularly updated permissions for staff are crucial to maintain data security.

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